Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Should we ever go back?

A long-time relationship (one I thought to be dead, to be perfectly honest) has raised it's head again recently.

It has come at a time when I have much turmoil in my life: my aged father is quite ill and my "love life" - while having had a couple of recent carnal (but essentially emotion-free) high points - is not great. 

This (potentially resurrectable) long-term association offers me solace, comfort, understanding and requires little of me in return; potentially a "no-brainer" it -by contrast - offers me little in the way of excitement and adventure ... Which is essentially why it faltered in the first place.

So what do I do? Do I throw the offer of potential emotional stability back in the face of the one who is offering or do I "go back", accept what is offered and reciprocate as best I can whilst trying to inject a level of excitement (where possible) into the arrangement?

My quandary continues ....

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

What if ...(part 3) - final

So a low-key assignation was arranged: no pressure on either of us to be intimate or sexy - just a good, old-fashioned evening of good company to get to know one another better.

It didn't start too well - circumstances conspired to make her over an hour late; she was, of course, contrite and spent the first 10 minutes of our time together apologising for her late arrival. Pleasantries and civilities complete we sat in the bar at hotel I was staying at (and had arranged to meet at) for approximately an hour, swapping stories, divulging little tit-bits of info and dropping the odd 'secret' - each to the other to help fill out our 'profiles' and impressions of our respective personalities.

After an hour we decided to adjourn, with drinks, to my room to talk in a little more privacy and where we could divulge further info about ourselves that perhaps we wouldn't want to share in a more public place. This civil intimacy lasted for approximately another hour before we both reverted to type and started tearing each others' clothes off.

What ensued over the next 3 or so hours can only be described as a period of intense mutual pleasure and ultimate satisfaction: my enjoyment of her was more intense and satisfying than our previous time together as was (unless she was a consummate actress - repeatedly!) hers.

We spent the night together lying entwined in the big double bed of the hotel room until real life - and the alarm clock - interrupted our slumbers too early the following morning and we parted civilly, thanking each other for a lovely time and promising to stay in touch and get together again soon. 

We won't.