Friday, 6 December 2013

Keeping perspective

I posted an entry a while ago outlining my "rules" for social media participation: I continue to be amazed (and apalled?) at the number of people that seem to use social media sites as places to engage with potential "hook-ups" - are we, as a society, so fixated with sexual interaction that no opportunity is overlooked?

A golden rule that I have is to NEVER meet anyone in the flesh as a result of a social media encounter: apart from not wanting to be a hypocrite, I have no doubt there would be a high degree of disappointment on the part of the other person in what the real "me" actually consists of.

I beg you, dear reader, to maintain a degree of perspective and self-dignity - please don't spoil the joy of discovery that these sites can offer for the sake of tawdry sexual conquests. If that is truly what you are after, then use alternative means/sites that are established for that specific purpose where you will find other like-minded individuals.