Thursday, 25 July 2013

Erotic experience

She arrived in her small car dressed in flat shoes, a summer dress (now creased from her journey) and no make up.

I walked down to the car park to greet her and help her with her luggage; without make up and her hair pulled back into a pony tail she looked like any other warm, dishevelled, irritated motorist at the end of their journey.

We made our way upstairs and I showed her around the room, pointing out the four poster bed (like I NEEDED to do that!!) and showed her to the bathroom so she could clean up, cool down and get changed. She disappeared inside and pulled the door to behind her while I got us both a cold drink. 

After 5 minutes of conversation through a half closed door she emerged... Practically naked save for her high heels and miniscule amount of lingerie

"Where do you want me?" She enquired. I motioned toward the bed and grabbed my camera ....

Sunday, 14 July 2013


As I sit typing this post, the sun is streaming through the glass roof and windows of my conservatory, cricket is on the TV, (OK, iPad), a cold drink is in my hand and the birds are singing: a quintessentially English summer day. 

The older I get the more I appreciate the privilege of enjoying such simplicities ... soaking up the colour and fragrance of my garden ....   - am I turning into an old man? Possibly - but if that is the case I will go screaming and kicking into dotage: there is more to Sylvester Greyback than a number and the colour of his hair (as I intend to prove in coming posts).

Watch this space ...