Thursday, 1 August 2013

A New Suit

What is it about a new suit that makes a man feel special? You will see from earlier/older posts I have a philosophy of trying to present yourself in the best way possible (this in turn, I believe, aides self-esteem and general well-being) and a new suit seems to fit into that philosophy beautifully.

I think all men see themselves as some kind of celebrity/action man in their minds eye when they picture themselves in their new threads but few actually do look like their mental images (and ladies, please don’t shatter our illusions!); that self image though is key to one’s sense of well-being and therefore the mood that you project to others.

The picture of “Breaking Bad” Bryan Cranston above (pic courtesy of GQ magazine) sums up my ramblings perfectly: sharp, smart and looking ready for action the Calvin Klein suit he is wearing shows off his body shape and physique perfectly – an older man still looking good in a modern take on a classic outfit.

Thank you Bryan… now where did I put my tailor’s phone number….?

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