Thursday, 29 August 2013


Previous visitors to this blog will know (with a few notable exceptions) of my preference for the more mature lady over her younger counterpart.

Being the open minded gent that I am, however, I recently chatted to a young lady who clearly believed herself to be another exception to my "rule" and proceeded to try and impress with discourse consisting of (she thought) "smart" cerebral references and terse acerbic comments that were both tiresome and out of context.

Imagine my quandary, then: not only am I faced with a young lady with an undeservedly high opinion of herself but - no doubt due to the aforementioned high opinion - was pretentious and extremely arrogant with it ( when I pointed out that perhaps her attitude and approach were not the best way of convincing people, like myself, that she was indeed the kind of person that matched her self-image, she responded by pointing out her belief that any problem here was definitely mine!) charming.

A word to the wise then: remember - it is nice to be important (unless it is self-importance) but it is far more important to be nice. 

In summary: Lovely,  intelligent, mature ladies please form a group to my right, truly interesting younger ladies congregate to my left; - arrogant, pretentious CHILDREN  keep on walking. 

'nuff said .....

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