Thursday, 19 September 2013


I recently had the chance to stop for a few days, catch my breath and take stock of the current events in and status  of my life.

It occurred to me that we humans are creatures of infinite requirement and avarice: we set ourselves goals and objectives and - upon achievement - want more or bigger or better.

I am fortunate to be relatively comfortable - financially and personally - but still I find myself frustrated with what I possess and have achieved thus far in my life: you will recall (from a recent previous post) that I had started to experience the desire to slow down and start to enjoy my achievements and status: this feeling/desire lasted only as long as it took me to exhaust the content of my TiVo recordings - then I started drumming my fingers and was itching for something to do.

I have been lucky enough to have known several wonderful women in my life - some I have been romantically involved with, others I have met through my various work and leisure activities (e.g. I was a competent polo player and am a reasonable glamour photographer): each time I have dallied with (or photographed) my female 'objective' (apologies if that term appears offensive but I am unable to think of a less objectionable term), my quest for a superior companion or model begins.

This is indeed shallow of me and I am not proud of this aspect of my nature but it does illustrate, I think, the nature of we humans to always want more.

..... or is it just me? Your opinions, dear reader, are always welcome 

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  1. Dear Mr. Greyback you may be overlooking some beautiful, intelligent, submissive women being so picky. Your perfect Yidette I'm sure it's out there as long as she isn't a gold digger.