Thursday, 13 September 2012

It happened again....

This time I was in the supermarket buying some milk and essentials. Thanks to the late burst of summer weather we are enjoying, there is not yet the need for jackets and garments to ward off chill breezes and everyone was still wearing summer garments in mid September.

Imagine my delight, then, when a tall blond (easily 5’10 in heels) walked toward me in a thin white summer dress (gathered at the waist with a belt and set off with a pair of black stilettos) absent-mindedly doing some shopping. She was extremely well groomed, perfectly presented and in her late 30’s or early 40’s at most.

I got a lovely glimpse of her bare legs as she bent in front of me to pick up an item from a low shelf and the hem of her dress rode up. Her slim body was made all the more exceptional by a large bust which the dress did little to hide. She brightened my day no end.

This brings me back to a subject I covered in recent posts – older vs. younger. When it comes to women I am definitely biased toward the older camp. I recently had the pleasure of spending the evening with a lady in her late 40’s (we’ll call her Gina for the sake of convenience). Gina is in her late 40’s and of Italian heritage. Her bone structure is exquisite and she has the look of a former model about her. Her body, too, is in fine shape thanks to regular trips to the gym.

Her company was first class: we chatted about all manner of things and she was at ease with all subjects covered. Her experience of life was a major contributing factor to being able to converse with a wide and rich vocabulary on such a wide variety of topics and Gina’s sense of humor kept me in raptures all evening.

While I accept there are specific exceptions to every generality, I cannot imagine a woman in anything earlier than her late twenties being able to match Gina for good company, engaging manner and sexual attraction.

I may be wrong… - do you, reader, have experiences to confirm or rebuke my views? If so, please feel free to comment and share.

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