Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Bank Holiday Musings

Although it has been a couple of days since the last Bank Holiday (the final one of the year until we get to Christmas!!), I thought I’d share my banks holiday musings with you now (the first chance I have had to do so since the day itself).

Where I live in the South East, Monday was a bright and dry day so I decided to stick the dog in the car and drive to my local ‘sea-side’ town and give him an airy walk along the front.

The sight and scenes that met me on arrival were quintessentially English: the seafront teaming with people – young families enjoying a stroll on this extra day of rest, joggers wending their way through the throng, pensioners sitting on benches and deck-chairs soaking up the watery sun and enjoying the salt-water air. Even my dog seemed to gain an extra helping of zest (something he really does NOT need!!).

As I gazed around me, drinking in the sights and looking at the people I was sharing the day with, the full tide, the sea-front gardens (pic above), I was suddenly overcome with a patriotic pride and belonging… sometimes it really is (Still) good to be British!!

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