Saturday, 25 August 2012

Style, not Submission

In previous posts, dear reader, I have made reference to the onset of middle-aged insecurities and the various lengths one may (or not) go to to address and assuage them.

Aside from body-image issues, there is the constant worry for men of a certain nature to be concerned about what they wear: not yet ready for the leather-elbowed cardie and slippers of dotage, many of us still seek a certain style without wanting to look ridiculous (exactly when does it become indecent to continue buying clothing from ‘Top Man”?).

I am not the only ‘worrier’ in this area; Grey Fox - in his excellent blog – is also searching for the answer to these questions and does a great job of providing some suggested solutions –based on his own preferences -  and examples of same (

Men do not have to turn into their Grandfather’s when they pass 40 as the images below illustrate (apologies for inability to provide credits): - 

We all know Clooney is probably the ultimate ‘Grey Fox’ but shouldn’t we all try and make the best of ourselves, whatever our age?

Your thoughts/opinions/comments are, as ever, welcomed and appreciated.

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