Sunday, 13 October 2013

Social media - rules for sanity and survival

You may recall that in a recent previous post I vented my feelings on my perception of "fake" and parasitic users on social media. 

My social media of choice is Twitter. After much thought and consideration, I have summarised my thoughts and intentions for any continued use of this particular vehicle into 3 simple rules, which you may want to consider for your own use:-

Don't judge; keep those that make you feel good close to you, enjoy their interaction & let everyone else go fuck themselves (twitter rule #1)

Tell only what you want, don't be coerced to reveal more. Don't be pressurised to call, meet, text or in anyway communicate outside of the bounds of the social media facility unless YOU want to.  If that's not good enough for someone, tell 'em to fuck off (twitter rule #2)

If they bad mouth you, slag you off or generally give you any negativity, FFS use the unfollow and block buttons - no one has a "divine right" to be in your "Twittersphere" (twitter rule #3)

If this framework doesn't suffice for your follower interaction, the followers in question probably aren't worth bothering with. 

Rant over ...

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