Friday, 18 October 2013

What if ...(part 2)

Much to my surprise, she did appear to notice me. 

We conversed by text and email and met again, ending up "very close" (yes, that is a euphemism), an experience that was thoroughly enjoyable and enhanced in no small part by her beauty, compliance and skill.

Since then we have continued to converse and she has alluded to the prospect that perhaps our "close encounter" should not be a one-off. For this prospect I am both flattered and excited in equal measure ... but what now?

I am too old to play the "keep it cool" game - but I really don't want to stifle her with over-reaction and a bombardment/deluge of irritating communications... she has her own, very full, life where she encounters others she MUST be drawn to (other "close encounters" must be inevitable) - this aspect of her is one of the things I find intriguing and attractive - and I don't want to come across as the "clingy, desperate" one (I'm not!) ... so for the first time in a long time I'm at a loss as to what to do next.

The easiest thing would be to commit the experience to memory, stay friendly with her and move on; but the memory of how she reacted to me, the image in my head of the way she looked at me ....

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