Wednesday, 2 October 2013

What if ...

As I have aluded to in previous posts, I believe we all have ambitions in life. These "milestone" ambitions are often preceded by smaller "peace-meal"  targets along the way ... Targets that either - once achieved as a group -ultimately lead to the attainment of one of our ambitions,  or are simply the achievement of a smaller "want" or "desire" in our everyday life to make us more comfortable or secure or feel good about ourselves.

This does not apply merely or exclusively to material objects and possessions but also, I believe, to our acquaintances and relationships.

I have been lucky enough - through one of my hobbies - to have a new person come into my life (yes, OK, it's a lady!) who is stunningly beautiful, a wonderful (yet flawed and somewhat troubled) person who -because of her occupation and lifestyle - meets many people,  most of whom are far more interesting, attractive and intelligent than I and she, therefore - in nothing but the barest of civil interactions - hardly notices that I exist. 

So what is it about these "unrequited" acquaintances that attract and fascinate us so? Yes - I admit it - I have a little crush on this lady: are my feelings and fascination for her heightened due to the one-sided nature of the acquaintance? I don't know; but what if ....

What if she DID notice me? What if she DID have a similar fascination and feelings for me? What then? I would, undoubtedly, feel very good about myself for being able to attract such a stunning, gorgeous and interesting lady (arrogant I know - but I make no apologies or pretend otherwise) .... but  would the fascination and arrogant contentment last or would I - in my typically shallow way - having achieved this "target", be on the lookout for someone more beautiful, more stunning etc? 

The intricacies of my own nature - and that of we humans generally - never ceases to fascinate, absorb (and on occasions disappoint) me.

Your thoughts, kind reader, are welcomed ...

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